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For Companies Locally and Globally who cannot wait for support to arrive and need Production to continue.Virtual Support is almost instant, it's secure and resolves almost 92% of all Production Barriers for Users, remotely.

Minimize support cost ! Virtual Support (remote support) has been around for years, yet is now more widespread than ever before.Virtual IT Support, or an older term, Remote Support, is the fastest way to resolve IT Problems and it will save you money as you do not pay any travel expense or overhead. The remote connections are secure and encrypted using authentication to connect and are completely safe and we only use the industry recommended applications.

Zana is a Virtual (Remote) IT service provider and we provide IT services virtually as a replacement source for an on-site IT Technician. Additionally, we have the ability to remotely manage your entire business or home IT Infrastructure (local and in the cloud).

We manage Servers and Network system health and can remotely resolve most common and complex problems in a fraction of the time that it takes an onsite resource to complete.
Companies that do not have IT experience are encouraged to partner up with us for strategy and planning services.
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